New online shop opened

Events and Stalls

Dear All,

I’m so excited to announce that my new webshop is set up and working with secure check out system for you to choose any product you like without hassle.

Please be patient, this is my very first only shop so if you see any mistakes, anything you don’t like or would expect in any different way, any suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me as I’m here to help and improve my website.

I’m really greatful for Laszlo Peter Varga – LPV Webdesign you made this possible – please contact him if you like it and would like one for your business.

Recently done

Events and Stalls

Sorry, I’m not posting that much recently as I’m working on my other website which will be a live webshop! I’m really excited about that, and I’ll let you know ASAP when is ready to go to be visited!

I have been participating in the Big Draw of Guildford. It is really fascinating how and what you can draw. I’m loving drawing so it is wonderful to go to many unusual places in Guildford to do some drawing. I usually take my kids, too and we all three of us relax and enjoy the calm drawing procedure.

The last one was at the Surrey Arts Wardrobe with unbelievable range of clothes around us. So inspiring!  Here we are with the kids drawing:



And this event was followed by a newsletter where my drawing has been chosen for illustrate the article 🙂



Busy summer is on its way

Events and Stalls

It seems, the folk art, even if it’s embroidery, painted wooden or china, is till fashionable. I’m so grateful that people are admiring everything I create and most of all, they are so proud and so happy when they where it or use it at their homes. It makes me proud, too and motivates me to work hard.

Unfortunately, May was the month when all sorts of disease interrupted my everyday schedule but now, I’m back to normal 🙂 I did make the MAOSZ Spring Fair, though which was really great and I’m so thankful to be invited. There have been a little video as well of the day, please check it here!

If you wish to look at my creations and goodies, please find a list of the events I’ll be attending:

The 9th July, I’ll be in Southend, this is to be confirmed and more to follow.

Hope to see you at one of the events!






Happy Easter – events during Spring-time

Events and Stalls

I wish you a Happy Easter and a lovely spring-time!

Winter was far too long and now, we all can’t wait to have some sunshine and warm weather.

Please find here the events I’m attending during April and May. Hope to see you soon:

16 April – Entrepreneurs’ Afternoon at New Malden, Mosoly Londoni Magyar Ovi-Suli

16 April – Hungarian Folk Dance House, London

17 April – Family Day in Basingstoke

21 May – Majális by MAOSZ, London



Duna TV – Öt kontinens / Five Continents

Events and Stalls

hair-do before the event

How exciting! The Dorianon Media is coming to record a 5-10 min documentary about my works and myself. I can’t wait to tidy my little workshop and get ready for the shooting tomorrow!

We also are going to shoot a few minutes at the Csillagszemű Anglia dance workshop at lunchtime on Monday. It will be busy but exciting. I’ll post when it will be broadcast.

Finger crossed, everything goes well 🙂

New year – new events

Events and Stalls

I hope you had a great break – I know, it seems miles away, January is almost over. You might had a few new year’s resolution you still keep, you might get sooooo relaxed during the festive season that it is now hard to go back to normal.

Anyway, I hope you feel like me: full of energy, full of new plans and ideas for this beautiful even numbered, Olympic Games’ year!

Here are where to find me the beginning of this year:

  • 6th February – Southampton – I’ll be in Southampton, please get in touch if you want to order something in advance as I can delivery to your door around that area
  • 15th February – Guildford – Csillagszemű Folk Dance Workshop – Handcraft workshop for the little ones and embroidery workshop for the adult, drop me an email for more details
  • 27th February – Reading – Farsangi Mulatság – Please contact me if you want to order in advance!

Event in November 2015

Events and Stalls

Christmas craziness has already started. I’m almost fully booked for November which is great as I really like to be busy 🙂

11th November 12 PM – 3 PM: Hobbycraft Woking – Exhibition and Craft session for all ages

15th November 1.30 PM – 5 PM: Oxford Dancehouse (Oxfordi Táncház) – Stall and Craft session for children

21st November 11 AM – 2 PM: Hobbycraft Woking – Exhibition and Craft session for all ages

22nd November : Reading Dancehouse (Readingi Táncház) – Stall and Craft session for children

25th November 12 PM – 3 PM: Hobbycraft Woking – Exhibition and Craft session for all ages

28th November 6.30 PM – 12 AM: November Dancehouse London (Novemberi Londoni Táncház) – Stall and optional Craft session for adults

December’s event will be updated soon.


Events in October

Events and Stalls

It is so lovely to go to events whenever I can, to meet new people, to know them better, to learn new stories and also, to let them see and explore my folk art.

Here are my October events where everyone is welcome:

25th October, Sunday – Reading Family Day where I’ll have a stand and you can try Hungarian Folk Art as well at my craft table.

26th October, Half Term Monday – Guildford, folk art and craft session with Csillagszeműek Anglia during their Folk Dance Workshop – Many thanks for the opportunity! I’m really looking forward to having you all there if you are interested to learn some new techniques! Please let me know if you can make it!

31st October, Saturday – Hunique Dance Folk Group’s Dancehouse in London where I’ll have the chance to have a stall so if you want anything, please let me know in advance as I can prepare it to avoid disappointment. I’m happy to take orders in advance for Chrismas, too!

I hope to see you at one of those events!


Busy-busy September

Events and Stalls

It was a really busy month, children back to school, me back from holiday and to work. Luckily, it was exciting, too! I had the chance to know new people, have been invited to many new places, Coventry, Southend-on-Sea and Reading.

I hope, the month of October will still be the same. I’ll start on my biggest dream and hold craft sessions for adults and kids focusing on the folk art. The very first session will be on the 26th October during break times at the Csillagszemű Anglia dance workshop – more details here (in Hungarian). Many thanks for the opportunity for Paladi-Kovács Krisztina and Csillagszemű Angliának! If you want to take part, please let me know!

I also will have a stall at the Hunique Folk Dance Group’s dance house in London, near Chiswick, more details to follow.