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Folk Wears

Hungarian girls


There is nothing lovelier than a little girl in your home country’s outfit!

Now, you have the chance to look around and find a nice dress. Please note, that stock may wary depending on fabric availability. I sew myself most of the dresses so you can order a specific size or colour. Prices start from around £15 depending on sizes, motives, ribbons, etc.

Please contact me if you can’t see what you want or if you have any questions. I’m more than happy to help!




2 comments on “Folk Wears

  1. Melinda Veres
    June 10, 2015

    Kedves Krisztina,

    Nagyon tetszenek a munkai. Engem erdekelne ajandekkent fenykepkeret, tukor es fakanal.
    Szeretnenk kerni ha lehetseges arlistat, postai koltsegdijat es szukseges idot kezbesitesre londoni cimre.

    Koszonom szepen: Melinda.

    • krisztinadesign
      June 15, 2015

      Kedves Melinda!
      Válaszoltam emailen, kérlek, jelezz majd vissza, hogy megérkezett-e!
      Köszönöm: Krisztina

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